There’s Still Time to Reignite Your Relationship with the 31-Day Romance Challenge!

August is half over already -the month is going fast! But there’s still time…

Are you doing the 31-Day Romance Challenge? Or have you shared it with someone who would love a little more romance? The “challenge” involves doing some small thing with your sweetie each day. It’s happening RIGHT NOW on and on FB at FiveYearMaraige. The idea is to take a little time each day to show your sweetie – and your relationship – some love.

The “challenges” aren’t hard and don’t take a ton of time…unless you want them to go longer. For example, here are the Challenges from the first week:

quick tips to increase the romance in your relationship

Quick and Easy, Right? 

Joseph and I have been doing them and “reporting” about them on FB LIVE. We’re doing it because, too many times, we think romance has to be some big elaborate PDA. They can be fun but I know that, so many times, big shows of affection are designed more for the people watching than for the sweetie – a phony attention-getter instead of an honest affection-giver (my conversation with MaryJo Buttafuoco on The Friday Happy Hour comes to mind).

However, I know for sure that real romance happens in small doses and often at unexpected times or in unexpected ways. THAT’S  what the Romance Challenge is designed to spark!

That’s why we’ve been posting and sharing on FB. It took some time to figure out how to do it – and it’s frustrating to know that 10-year-olds are posting on TikTok and grown adults can’t figure it out. But Joseph is still home recovering frm his surgery  and had time to figure it out.

Also, Joseph and I aren’t so comfortable sharing or being on camera (especially Joseph), but we’ll get better with time. Here are the first two weeks on FB:
Romance Challenge Week 1
Romance Challenge Week 2

Join us and the other couples who are adding a little sparkle and a lot of fire back into their relationships with thoughtful gestures of love like the ones above.  AND, if you share, you can even win a prize!

 Join the 31-Day Romance Challenge & Get Entered into a Prize Drawing!!

romance month challenge calendar 2021

The romance happens in remembering the little things you said, thought, or did when you were “new” that helped you fall in love in the first place. The “challenge” is dedicating a few minutes each day to focus on your relationship.

A little romance revival is worth a little effort, yes? 

It’s MY GIFT to YOU and you can download it HERE.

Contest Details

Five year marriage giveaway prizes

During August, each time you post something about your romance challenge (e.g how that day’s challenge surprised your sweetie, or how much you enjoyed doing it, a photo, etc.) on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest) and tag my account (so I can give you credit!) you’ll be entered into a drawing for The Fabulous Five-Year Marriage® Gift Pack: a personally autographed copy of The Five-Year Marriage® (so you can keep the good feelings going), a beautiful journal (to keep track of your romance), a pocket notebook (for those little love-reminders), a pen to record them with, and a $30 gift card to Panera (where you and your sweetie can go for some quiet talk). It’s everything you need to get busy leveling up your relationship romance!

Share the Challenge Calendar with Another Couple

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Take Your Relationship Even Further with the Five-Year Marriage®

You and your partner CAN LEARN how to solve problems and adjust to life’s changes together! I explain, step by step, how to do exactly that in my book The Five-Year Marriage® – grab a copy from Amazon to learn how. OR, if you prefer a more guided approach, I’m offering the Beginners Guide to the Brilliant Bad-Ass Marriage  starting October 5 – stay tuned for more info. You can also check out the 30-Day Relationship Reset Class that is currently live on Thinkific.

Positive Change Starts with a Single Step in the Right Direction!

Check out the 31-Day Romance Challenge. Download it now and have a look through the various fun tasks and gestures you can do RIGHT now to take a step in a positive direction towards your relationship. I can’t wait to see all the love and joy that gets posted to social media this month! 

With love and in victory,

five year marriage on tamron hall show
growth marriage Nate Bagley's review of five year marriage

I’m Annmarie Kelly, award-winning author, speaker, and lifestyle expert. I’m also the founder of The Victorious Woman Project, the empowerment resource for midlife women looking to make a change in their life or their relationship. Check it out…it’s full of helpful and inspiring articles, interviews with fabulous women who have been there and done that, and also classes and other tools that will help you find and nourish your inner spark. Oh…and that’s also where you can get one of my inspiring and motivating self-help books. Victorious Woman: Shaping Life’s Challenges into Personal VictoriesVictory by Design, and marriage game-changer, The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm.

I know how the past year has challenged you – body, mind, and soul. They’ve challenged me too. It’s been hard on everyone! But there’s good news – the future is what you make it! So it’s time to look forward to better days. And you can start RIGHT NOW. WANT MORE?

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