The Maine Diaries

Downeast Downies

Joseph and I call it “the Downeast Downies” – reading the paper, watching TV, taking a nap or two, and just having a lazy day.  It always reminds of that song from the musical Flower Drum Song (from […]

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Full Moon Saturday

Driving from Portland to Mt. Desert Island is about a three-hour drive.  Some years we meander up the coast and make a stop at Reds Eats, the internationally known lobster shack in Wiscasset that has been featured on […]

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Portland 2018

  Joseph and I left Salem around noon.  We went to Kennebunkport to visit Bonnie, one of Joseph’s clients. Their summer home is a cottage where all the rooms face the water – beautiful and peaceful. It was […]

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Catherine Got Me!

Catherine didn’t bother us during the night. I woke up around 3am and thought I heard some shuffling, but it turns out that it was just Joseph snoring. No noise, nothing disturbing, no missing items – unless you […]

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Ghosts, Witches and Games

Tonight was a fun mix of ghosts, witches, and games – mostly historical. GHOSTS: Joseph and I have some experience with spirits. So, after finding out that our room at historical The Salem Inn was haunted by the […]

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Maine Vacation 2018: Salem MA

Joseph and I left home around 7:45. We made a stop at the post office to pay bills and then to Wawa for a breakfast sandwich and drinks – and we were on our way to Salem Massachusetts […]

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Sailing on the Somes

OK, not sailing. I don’t know “aft” from “starboard” but I do know the difference from sailing and boating. Today it was boating – I just liked the slight alliteration of “sailing on the Somes.” But it’s more […]

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Our trip from Portland was happily uneventful. The only “itchy” part was traveling over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.  One lane in each direction and open-style railing. For someone with height issues, it’s a challenge. Fortunately, Joseph likes it, […]

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Portland in the Morning

This year Joseph and I did something a little different. We usually stay outside the city of Portland but this year we are right in the heart of the city. The center-of-town park is on Congress Square, directly […]

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Joespeh Eagle

Portland ME

After leaving the PEM, Joseph and I got onto I95 and headed to a one-night stay in Portland…with a stop at the New Hampshire Liquor Store. Joseph bought red wine and I bought a bottle of Kracken, a […]

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The Yin Yu Tang House

With a couple newly found hours to explore more of the Peabody, Joseph and I asked about the Chinese House all the tour guides talked about. The Yin Yu Tang house was almost booked for the day. The […]

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The Peabody

A rocky start to the day at breakfast. Joseph and I were seated quickly, but they were very busy. Somehow we got overlooked. I was being patient (after all, it is vacation), but Joseph was not. When he […]

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