Too Late for A Change?

Too many women think it’s too late to start over and be successful? You aren’t, as long as you have a dream and a goal. Here are some women who proved it’s true:

  • Grandma Moses started painting in her seventies
  • Babara McIlvainne Smith didn’t run for the Pennsylvania Senate until she was in her fifties – she won, served two terms and then started a new adventure
  • Author Prill Boyle graduated college at 38 and became a teacher; she started writing books in her fifties.
  • Wini Yunker joined the Peace Corps at age 65 (and inspired Prill Boyle!)
  • Carol, Sue and Kathy were in their fifties when they began making their Prosperity Liquor Cakes and started the Full-Spirited Flavours company (you may have seen them on QVC or Rachel Ray). Read their story at
  • Sandy Lerner was 35 when she was fired from the company she co-founded, Cisco Systems. At 41, she bought a farm and raises organically grown produce and humanely-raised meats
  • Actress Angelica Houston’s famous father was no help to her in becoming famous. She was in her thirties when she started to get more than walkons and bit parts – but it wasn’t until she was in her forties that her career exploded.
  • Elizabeth Nepi left a thirty-five year marriage in her sixties and enjoyed the best years of her life as a single woman
  • Singer Susan Boyle was 47 when she tried out for Britain’s Got Talent – and Simon mocked her when she first got on stage…until she opened her mouth and knocked everyone’s socks off, winning the competition.
  • Yours truly didn’t get my college degree (from wonderful Neumann University) until 2001, twenty-five years after graduating high school. My first book wasn’t published until 2005. Then, when caregiving for my mom (which included dealing with multiple and sordid sibling issues), I had to backburner my business. I didn’t restart it until almost a year after her passing.

C.S. Lewis said, “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

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