Invest in Yourself

Victorious Women Invest in themselvesWomen are often encouraged to forgo their own needs so that someone else can receive them. There is something to be said for being a little sacrificing, but when you treat everyone else better than you treat yourself, you are out of balance and suffering from something I call overcare. And it’ll kill you – one way or another: physically, spiritually or mentally.

If you want to be victorious and successful, you need to take youself seriously, including investing in yourself and managing your investment.

Start now and develop a plan for investing in yourself and the business called YOU INC? Here are a few questions to get your started:

  • What job-related skills do you need to improve or develop?
  • Where or to whom can you go to learn them?
  • Does advancement require a degree you don’t have yet? How can you earn it? Does your company have a tuition-reimbursement plan?
  • Would a business coach to help you get on track?
  • Are there emotional issues holding you back? What can you do to get past those and move forward?
  • Find a mentor and sponsor to help you? What do you need to make that happen?
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