Photos: 2015 Girlfriend Gala

We had a GREAT time at the 2015 Victorious Woman Celebration, The Girlfriend Gala
at Penn Oaks in West Chester PA!
Thanks to all of you who joined me in celebration, and to speakers Jen Groover who made up think and reminded us that we are empowered and Cathy Sikorski who made us laugh, to my amazing committee who pulled everything together and to our donors. Without you, there would have been no party, no celebration, no victories!!
And without Jayne Toohey, there wouldn’t have been these wonderful photos of all of you!!
Thanks to everyone!!


2016 Victorious Woman Celebration

The Girlfriend Gala
MAY 25, 2016

GG.2015.16 GG.2015.18 GG.2015.19

Girlfriend-Gala__314_20150520-VictoriousWoman_ Girlfriend-Gala__210_20150520-VictoriousWoman_ Girlfriend-Gala__180_20150520-VictoriousWoman_  GG.2015.9GG.2015.10 GG.2015.11 GG.2015.13   GG.2015.24  GG.2015.27

Girlfriend-Gala__228_20150520-VictoriousWoman_ Girlfriend-Gala__221_20150520-VictoriousWoman_GG.2015.3GG.2015.4GG.2015.8


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