Persistence: A Starting Over Must-Have!

Talk about persistence! I’ve been watching this bird for a few weeks now and I’m fascinated.
Last month she was gathering sticks and stems to make her nest in a secure spot under my deck. From the outside it looked like a haphazard activity, but she knew what she wanted – and it wasn’t the pieces of raffia that I put out on the lawn thinking that I would make her nest-building easier. From time to time I would notice her, marvelling at the she spent hours flying back and forth, faithful to her process, creating the right environment for bringing new life into the world.
I knew she was finished building and laying her eggs when I saw her sitting. She created the space, built the foundation and planted the seeds of new life, her eggs. From what I could see, it took a lot of work and was a tedious process
Now the bird under my deck is doing what she has to do, warming things up and faithfully knowing that her activity is purposeful and bringing new life into the world. She’s persistent, patient and protective – both of herself and her babies. But she doesn’t stop and doesn’t give up.
If you’ve been pregnant, probably know how it feels to bring new life into the world. And, of course, you have little choice but to be patient and persistently take care of yourself and your unborn baby.
But what about when you do have a choice? What if what you’re bringing into the world isn’t a baby but a new idea, a new business or a new way of life? Have you ever done the work of creating the space and planting the seed? Did you persist until the new thing you wanted was “born” or did you decide that “sitting on that egg” was uncomfortable and you want to do something else; you chose to stop.
Birthing a new beginning through the birthing process isn’t easy. Whether you are mama bird, a human mama or a change mama, it’s all the same thing: create the space, plant the egg and do the work of birthing until it (bird/baby/business/new beginning) is ready to “pop” out.
A new beginning, like motherhood, isn’t for the feignt of heart. It takes a plan, stamina and persistence. You can’t rush it; it comes in its own time. It’s that time that I believe VICTORY happens. You test yourself, learn what you need to do, change what needs to change – and you grow, from who you were into the greater expression of who you are.
In the end, and often when you least expect it, success happens. Pop! There it is: the glorious outpicturing of your desired goal. And then you rest and can step back to enjoy the fruits of your labor. And congratulate yourself! BRAVA!

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