Top Ten Ways Women Sabotage their Communication in the Workplace

ThoughtfulWomanI met Diane DiResta when we were both speaking at a conference. I liked her right away. She’s a smart and savvy and an excellent communicator. I love what she says in this article, so I’m sharing an outline of it here. How many of them do you recognize as part of your communication style? Read Diane’s whole article with suggestions for strengthening what you say. Making even a small change can give you big results.

Top Ten Ways Women Sabotage their Communication in the Workplace: By Diane DiResta

Glass ceiling or partners in sabotage? While the glass ceiling exists, very often women undermine their success by how they communicate in the workplace. We’ve learned to dress for success but have we learned the language of success? When Catalyst, a non-profit organization dealing with women’s issues asked “What holds women back from top management?” fifty-two percent said “Male stereotyping and preconceptions of women.” When they asked “How can women succeed?” sixty-one percent said “Developing a style with which male managers are comfortable.” It seems communication style is vitally important. Here are ten ways women weaken their image and what can be done about it.

1. Too much head nodding
2. Uptalk
3. Weak Language Tag lines
4. Allowing interruptions
5. Not speaking up (Waiting to be called on)
6. Dressing too sexy
7. Too soft spoken
8. Allowing others to take credit for ideas
9. Weak Body posture
10. Avoiding public speaking

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