The journey began

The journey began. We left home about 9am, making a stop at WAWA for breakfast sammies and tea and the big post office to get the bills out.  

The trip north was uneventful except for the multiple construction-related traffic jams. Way too many! It’s good that Joseph and I travel well together otherwise we would have killed each other in bumper-to-bumper traffic – mostly because we’re in my Mazda and it’s stick. Driving stick is a joy (at least for me)…except in traffic. Joseph has no patience in traffic even with his automatic.  So it’s also good that we decided that, if Joseph’s driving and we get stuck in a traffic jam, I drive…even if we have to pull over to switch drivers.  

We stopped at Cracker Barrel in MA around 2:30. We checked into the Howard Johnson’s in Portsmouth NH around 6pm. The place is just OK. The clerk checking us in clearly doesn’t like working for HoJo. She couldn’t have been more unhelpful if she worked at it! 

We dropped our overnight bag in the room and left almost immediately for town. We stayed in Portsmouth once before, but I don’t remember it being such a vibrant and busy town. It was energizing after our long drive! 

We walked around the town and settled on the RiRa bar for a drink and something to eat. It got a good review on TripAdvisor and we liked the sound of music coming from inside.  

We ate brunch so late that we weren’t really hungry. Still, we ordered drinks and a sandwich to split…a Reuben (which was made almost perfectly). 

The band was good – as much fun to watch as to hear. I didn’t know The Byrne Brothers from Donegal are a bit famous. Apparently, since playing Disneyworld, they are. This night it was only two of the three brothers, with Dad stepping into brother#3’s spot. They played everything from guitar and banjo to flute and bagpipes – and all kinds of music from classic Irish tunes to John Denver. 

We got back to the hotel around midnight – a long day, but a safe trip and a good night! 

What are the Maine Diaries?

The Maine Diaries is a fun look at my annual adventure to New England where I unwind from normal life and reconnect with myself.

I was captivated by the Maine Coast on my first trip there in the late 90’s. In the years since, I’ve traveled up and down the coast from Kittery to Calais but I spend most of my Maine time Downeast. I love the adventures I have and the chance to unwind from the world and restore my inner clarity. I chronicle my experiences in The Maine Diaries.

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