Victory Stretch #2: Goals

Victory Stretch #2: Make your goals reflect your dreams

Are you so multi-faceted and used to multi-tasking, that you sometimes let your best qualities get in your way? If you’re like most women, probably, so join the crowd.

Here’s how to fix the problem:

The first thing is to understand that you can’t live your best life if you don’t have goals. Or, even worse, if you have goals that conflict with your dreams. For example, your big dream is to live in and be part of an artistic area like Asheville, NC or Sedonna, Arizona. Why haven’t you done it yet? Oh, because you have to stay at the job you have because you need the money. OK, that’s understandable.
BUT, while you are doing that money job, are you also making a serious goal and creating a plan to get to that artistic community? Exactly when do you want to be there? Sure, it might be 5-10-15 years down the road, but who cares. Set the date!
If your dream is to move, or start a business, or be an artist, make it your goal. Write your goal in a clear, positive, easy-to-focus-on way. Here are a couple examples:

  • “I sell my house and move to Sedonna by [date], and it turns out to be the best thing I ever did.”
  • “By this time next year, my business gets sold and I begin a my new career [describe in detail].
  • “I go back to school starting this summer and get my nursing degree by [date]”

Then, you’ll want to jot down a few steps you can take to work towards those goals.

And here are a few more actions you can take to help you sort out the journey towards your goals:

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