What I Remembered at the Christmas Tree Farm

Annmarie and Joseph at the Christmas Tree Farm
Annmarie and Joseph at the Christmas Tree Farm

It happened again this year. I and my spouse, Joseph, made our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm. As usual, I had the odd experience of feeling like the trees were talking to me.

“Pick me” some say as they do their best to stand out. “Pick me! You look like nice people.”
Is it my imagination or do some eager trees seem to shine a little brighter? Maybe it’s just the sun….
“Pick me! It’s what I’ve lived my whole life for,” said one especially shiny tree. “I’d love to make you happy this Christmas. It’s my purpose.”

Ha! How could I, who helps women find their purpose and be victorious, ignore a tree that was so convinced of its purpose-in-life?

I couldn’t.

That’s the thing with living “on purpose.”  Your Purpose-in-Life becomes so compelling that you can’t help yourself but do it.

Living on purpose means two things: you have a core set of beliefs and values that guide your life and you embrace a passion for something bigger than yourself.

Purpose-in-life is the reason you get up in the morning. It’s what excites you. It keeps your mind stimulated and your heart engaged. And it gives you direction, driving your annual and daily goals.

Purpose in your career enables you to maximize your special talents and skills, like connecting with others or leading an organization or starting a business. Outside of a career, you can also find purpose in having children and raising them into healthy well-adjusted adults.

Sometimes we run out of purpose.

Maybe the kids have grown up and moved out; your empty nest feels like a thud. Or your company changed hands and now the values aren’t the same; you aren’t as excited about your work anymore. You’ve lost your Purpose-in-life.

A while back, when I created my then-company’s corporate university, I loved what I was doing and worked tirelessly to make it great. One day, shortly after buying a new house and a new car, I had a meeting with my boss. During the meeting, and with a glint in his eyes, he said, “I love when my employees have a lot of debt. I know they’ll work harder because they don’t want to lose their job. It makes me feel like they’re indentured servants.”  I was stunned. His words were a like pin popping a balloon. That was the day all the purpose got sucked out of my work. I left a few months later.

If you aren’t living “on purpose” then, chances are, you’re stumbling through life. You feel itchy and, because you can’t find a way out of your malaise, you feel stuck. It’s not a good place because then you’re susceptible to things like depression.

With the New Year just weeks away, this is a good time to refocus and get back to life on purpose.

If you need some help to get started, try these:

  1. Revisit your values. They may not have changed, but they might have shifted. For example, “health” might have moved up to the #1 spot. “Winning” might have been in your top five of values before, but now “fun” might take its place.
  2. Dream big. If, in five years, you won an award, what would it be for? Would it be for service, philanthropy, creativity, or something else? OK, maybe you don’t care about awards, but would love it if you had your own TV show…doing what?
  3. Consider your legacy. When you’re gone and people are sitting around talking about you, what do you want your family to say? Your friends? Your church or community?

Life on purpose – whatever the purpose – is the most rewarding way to live. And it shows…because you shine and everyone else basks in the glow.
Like my newly decorated and beautiful Christmas tree. And maybe you in 2017…

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