It’s a Brand New Baby Year! 3 Tips to Reach Your Goals

advice for achieving goals

It’s a brand new baby year, Victory Chicks! And Yayyy! The last one grew whiskers pretty fast and we were ready to see it go months before it was over.

This fresh new year gives you a blank slate. You can write whatever you want on it. What do you want out of this year – besides “back to normal?”

Of course, it’s a given to write your goal down. Note  that I said “goal” and not “goals”. Just pick one that is important and/or meaningful to you. If you have one big goal, break it into small doable goals and focus on just the first one. If you have a list of different goals, it’s OK – but just pick one right now as your starter goal. When you achieve that goal, you can set another one, Success and victory feed off each other!

Start Here for New Year Goal Success!

You already know to write your goal down. If it’s not written, you’re not accountable to it. Also, choose a realistic date to accomplish it.

That feels good, right? It’s easy to get started, but realistically-speaking, you can expect your enthusiasm to wane. Statistically it take about 6 weeks for the new year – new you honeymoon to be over.

Three Tips to Keep Your Success Going

For your success, here are 3 tips to keep your motivation going: 

  • Know your why. If you pick a goal and don’t have a compelling reason, you’ll easily get off-track. Why do you want your goal?
  • Make daily mini-goals. Big goals can overwhelm, but making 3 phone calls to clients or  doing 20″ of exercise…those are doable.
  • Make a reward jar. Think of 20+ small rewards for yourself. It should be something that doesn’t need a lot of time or money. Write each one on a separate piece of paper. Each time you finish the days mini-goals, take a piece of paper and reward yourself.

You can make more of this year by adding those three small tips.

Want More Purpose & Direction for the New Year?

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May is Victorious Woman Month!

May is officially registered as Victorious Woman Month. It’s the reason why the annual celebration, The Girlfriend Gala is in May – except not this year!
Though I cancelled The Girlfriend Gala because of the Covid19 social distancing orders, I am still doing the annual Victory-a-Day Calendar. My crackerjack staff and I have updated some of the days to reflect our Covid19 Confinement.  We’ll be posting daily on the Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you can get the whole month right now by downloading it here:  Click Here to Download PDF

I hope you’ll join me in creating a small victory-a-day in May – 31 Days of Victory – and can’t we all use some victory right now?!? Join me and chime in on FB at VictoriousWomanProject.
Stay healthy!
With love and in victory,

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RadioWrap-Up.12.8.17 How to Have a Good Day

In the midst of this busy holiday season, you might be too stressed to enjoy each day. That’s why Annmarie Kelly asked Caroline Webb to join her – that and also that Caroline has great tips for how to set priorities, intentions and goals for the new year.
Caroline is the author of How to Have a Good Day, the CEO of Sevenshift, a McKinsey Senior Adviser and arenowned leadership coach – and she’s on a mission to show you how behavioral science can transform your life and work for the better. This show will help you through the holiday stress and get you ready for your goals in the new year.

You can find out more about Caroline at Website:
Facebook: @CarolineWebbAuthor
Twitter: @Caroline_Webb_ 

And here’s a quick YouTube talk by Caroline on Realistic Optimism

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12.16.15 RadioWrapUp: Astrology and Mercury Retrograde

joanetteNow that you know what Mercury Retrograde does and how you can minimize its downside and get the most out of it, you probably want to know when it’s happening. Astrologer Joanette McGeoch is passing along next year’s dates:

  • December 19th 2016 – January 8th 2017
  • April 9th 2017 – May 3rd 2017
  • August 12th 2017 – September 5th 2017
  • December 2nd 2017 – December 22nd 2017

If you want to get an astrology chart done by Joanette, this is a good time. The cost is going up significantly in the new year. BUT Joanette will hold the current chart fee of $60 for Happy Hour listeners for the rest of this year. Send Joanette an email and tell her you heard her on the Friday Happy Hour. You can reach her at
I talked about two Terry Gross/Fresh Air shows, and I posted both those interviews here for you:

Today’s quote comes from Eleanor Catton, who said about astrology:

The way that I see astrology is as
a repository of thought and psychology.
A system we’ve created as a culture
as way to make things mean things

What I Remembered at the Christmas Tree Farm

Annmarie and Joseph at the Christmas Tree Farm
Annmarie and Joseph at the Christmas Tree Farm

It happened again this year. I and my spouse, Joseph, made our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm. As usual, I had the odd experience of feeling like the trees were talking to me.
“Pick me” some say as they do their best to stand out. “Pick me! You look like nice people.”
Is it my imagination or do some eager trees seem to shine a little brighter? Maybe it’s just the sun….
“Pick me! It’s what I’ve lived my whole life for,” said one especially shiny tree. “I’d love to make you happy this Christmas. It’s my purpose.”
Ha! How could I, who helps women find their purpose and be victorious, ignore a tree that was so convinced of its purpose-in-life?
I couldn’t.
That’s the thing with living “on purpose.”  Your Purpose-in-Life becomes so compelling that you can’t help yourself but do it.
Living on purpose means two things: you have a core set of beliefs and values that guide your life and you embrace a passion for something bigger than yourself.
Purpose-in-life is the reason you get up in the morning. It’s what excites you. It keeps your mind stimulated and your heart engaged. And it gives you direction, driving your annual and daily goals.
Purpose in your career enables you to maximize your special talents and skills, like connecting with others or leading an organization or starting a business. Outside of a career, you can also find purpose in having children and raising them into healthy well-adjusted adults.
Sometimes we run out of purpose. Maybe the kids have grown up and moved out; your empty nest feels like a thud. Or your company changed hands and now the values aren’t the same; you aren’t as excited about your work anymore. You’ve lost your Purpose-in-life.
A while back, when I created my then-company’s corporate university, I loved what I was doing and worked tirelessly to make it great. One day, shortly after buying a new house and a new car, I had a meeting with my boss. During the meeting, and with a glint in his eyes, he said, “I love when my employees have a lot of debt. I know they’ll work harder because they don’t want to lose their job. It makes me feel like they’re indentured servants.”  I was stunned. His words were a like pin popping a balloon. That was the day all the purpose got sucked out of my work. I left a few months later.
If you aren’t living “on purpose” then, chances are, you’re stumbling through life. You feel itchy and, because you can’t find a way out of your malaise, you feel stuck. It’s not a good place because then you’re susceptible to things like depression.
With the New Year just weeks away, this is a good time to refocus and get back to life on purpose.  If you need some help to get started, try these:

  1. Revisit your values. They may not have changed, but they might have shifted. For example, “health” might have moved up to the #1 spot. “Winning” might have been in your top five of values before, but now “fun” might take its place.
  2. Dream big. If, in five years, you won an award, what would it be for? Would it be for service, philanthropy, creativity, or something else? OK, maybe you don’t care about awards, but would love it if you had your own TV show…doing what?
  3. Consider your legacy. When you’re gone and people are sitting around talking about you, what do you want your family to say? Your friends? Your church or community?

Life on purpose – whatever the purpose – is the most rewarding way to live. And it shows…because you shine and everyone else basks in the glow.
Like my newly decorated and beautiful Christmas tree. And maybe you in 2017…

Are Your Ready for the New Year??

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Mid-Year Tune-Up for Your 2016 Goals

Tortoise and Hare
Tortoise and Hare (bethmusicnotes.blogspot)

Ever feel like your goals need a tune-up? I do! And, for me, it’s now!
It was just after the July 4th weekend when I did a personal mid-year check-up. I found myself falling short on this year’s goals. I needed a kick in the butt.
As I thought about it, I started thinking that if I, who am good at achieving my goals, am in this boat in July, I’m guessing the Victory Chicks in my Victory Chicks Community are too.  So I decided to host a fee-free teleseminar at the end of the month so we can all get back on track.
One of the things I’ll be talking about is picking just one thing. I’m focusing on that first because (1) it’s my own personal greatest goal-achieving foible and (2) multiple goals (an off-shoot of multi-tasking), is what women tell me is their problem.
Here’s the thing: if you have too many goals, you don’t focus on any one. So you’re busy doing multiple tasks, but never finish enough of the steps to actually reach a goal. That’s when you say, “yeah, I started doing that, but I only got halfway finished.” And that’s because, when you don’t focus on just one goal, you are easily distracted. In a survey I did with women last year, distractions were listed as the #1 reason for not achieving your goals or fulfilling your needs and desires.The first glint of that shiny penny out of the corner of your eye and you’re off to the races with it.
It’s almost like the tortoise and the hare. I know that the “slow and steady wins the race” fable, but think of it another way: The hare is like you at the beginning of the year when you list a bunch of “New Year, new me” goals. You’re excited, you’re really motivated and get a good strong start. It’s the “New You” and you’re on your way.
But, much like the hare in the fable, you wear yourself out and decide to take a break.After all, you’ve worked hard and this other (shiny penny) thing looks like fun. And you deserve a little fun, right? So you take a break.
Before you know it, you notice that the people around you who, like to fabled tortoise, focused on just one goal, and took one step after the other, have gotten ahead of you. By now the fruits of their labor are starting to show. They completed their goal or are so well on their way that you get discouraged (and maybe a little envious).
If you recognize that experience (I certainly do for myself!), then consider this: Maybe there isn’t enough jazz in that goal to keep you going. What I mean is, did you do the What’s In It For Me (WII-FM) part? There’s a direct relationship between behavior, emotion, and understanding and how your brain functions. It’s called neuropsychology.  The success of every single goal rests on the answer to the WII-FM question. You need to have a laundry list of WII-FM’s and you need to look at that list every day.
That’s one of the things I’ll be talking about in this month’s free teleseminar, You Mid-Year Check-Up on July 28 at 1pmDST, 10amPST.
Interested? Register here: Savvy Sizzle: The Mid-Year Tune-Up
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