All week I watched the path of hurricane Dorian. I wondered if we would get stuck in the hurricane – or it’s aftermath – on our way home. We didn’t. Leaving yesterday was smart. We had perfect weather from Bar Harbor all the way down the coast. By today the coast of Maine, including Downeast, was engulfed in the hurricane on its way to Canada. 

We lucked out with perfect sunshine-filled New England weather all the way home. 

We left Amesbury, and stopped in Newburyport to get bread. I wanted to make it a quick stop and then go to Salem. Joseph talked me out of it – and I’m glad he did…for two reasons: 

1 – We got home at 8:45 – and that was late enough. Adding a stop in Salem would have gotten us home much later, and probably cranky. 

2 – Since we weren’t going to Salem, we walked around and I stopped at Clays – where I found a fabulous jacket for $100. Almost as good as being at a Dillards sale! 

The ride home was fine until NY  where one woman nearly slid into the side of my car. It was like she was planning to change lanes and didn’t see me until the last safe second.  And there were kids in the car! I was driving and it scared the crap outta me. That was one. 

The second time, still while I was driving on the Garden State Parkway, some young woman didn’t bother to yield while merging. I almost ran into her back end. But here’s the weird thing: once on the parkway, she slide across lanes to the turning lane for the rest stop. That didn’t make sense to come onto the parkway just to get off. 

However, we got home safely, unpacked the car, and put away any food. Then we enjoyed a drink while watching a movie about George Burns, including his relationship with Gracie Allen. 

Another good vacation!