2019 Epilogue 

Settling back into “real life” after a relaxing couple of weeks away. I was surprised when I got an email from Ollie at Windward Cottages. The subject line said “left in cottage.” Hmmm….Joseph and I always do a “last […]

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 Beating Dorian 

All week I watched the path of hurricane Dorian. I wondered if we would get stuck in the hurricane – or it’s aftermath – on our way home. We didn’t. Leaving yesterday was smart. We had perfect weather from Bar Harbor all the way down […]

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The Big One 

Today is our last full day in Maine. That means two things: The last hike and the “special” dinner.   For the hike we chose my favorite: The Jordan Pond. This one travels the entire 3.5 miles shoreline of the […]

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Jordan Stream Path

Joseph and I eased into the day. Ollie stopped over and asked us if we wanted to go lobstering with him; he was leaving in about a half-hour.  I wanted to go, but I was still in my pajamas, Sunday morning style and […]

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