RadioWrap-Up.8.3.18: Volunteering

Annette GlaudelAnnette Glaudel is making the most of her retirement – and she’s coming to the Friday Happy Hour to tell you waht – and give you some interesting ideas.
Annette has college degrees in chemical engineering and an MBA in finance. She worked for an oil refiner for 31 years and has been busy since retiring 7 years ago. Annette volunteers for Good Works, Appalachia Service Project, the Veterans Administration, Bridge of Hope, Saints Simon and Jude Church, and her homeowners association. Here are some of Annette’s favorite places:

August is Romance Awareness Month.. Here’ s the link to the article I mentioned: Five Tips for Reigniting Romance

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Do You Need A Change??

Annmarie at PA Grand Canyon
Last weekend I slipped in the mud while hiking in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. I was hiking the “Turkey Path” with my spouse, Joseph. The path is a steep and difficult one-mile descent through a forest, past a waterfall, to the canyon floor.  We expected a challenge, especially for the way back up, but we were up for it.
As we made our way down the mountain, I noticed dangerous wet spots on the trail. I was careful and the tread on my hiking boots seemed to grab the ground and kept me upright…until the last one. That’s when, just like slipping on a banana peel, my feet flipped out in front of me
PA Grand Canyon from Colton State Park
and down I went, with my curvy right hip slowing the fall. Nothing was broken, but it hurt.
Hikers came over to see if I was OK and one, noticing my hiking boots, questioned the tread. “How old are your boots,” she asked. I dunno,” I replied, still a little shaken up. “Probably six or seven years.”  But, on the next hike, I ditched the boots and wore new, well-treaded running shoes.Later that day Joseph and I tried to remember how long we’ve actually had what we called our “new” hiking boots. We were shocked to realize that it’s probably been fifteen years. I started thinking about how things wear out or become outdated without me noticing or even realizing.
Do you do that too? Time moves fast these days, doesn’t it?
Suddenly that savvy hairstyle and that you love is outdated. The oh-so-comfortable yoga pants now look like they belong in the donation bag. That special tablecloth that your mom gave you for your wedding is old-fashioned. And your kids have started teasing you when you tell them that story for, what seems to them, the one-millionth time.
So what? You love sharing your special things and your memories.
The problem with doing the same old same old is that you lose relevance. In today’s world, especially if you’re in the job market, relevance is key to your success now and later, for your next chapter.
If you’re starting to notice some staleness in your life, here are five ways to give yourself and your life a breath of fresh air.

  1. Make a decision about aging. As long as you keep waking up every morning, you’re going to age. How do you want to do it? Do you want to be the wise sage, the in-the-know older woman, or the stereotypical old lady down the street?
    • What you decide will influence everything from what you read to how you act.
  1. Focus forward. You have what a younger woman doesn’t have – history and experience. But neither one will be important if you live in the past and allow your words to drip with age.
    • Find a new goal or project, something you are truly excited about doing. It could a bucket list trip, learning a new dance or language, following a long- suppressed passion, or something else. Whatever it is, choose it, plan it and do it.
  1. Reverse Mentor. Remember when you knew all the latest music, fashion trends and “what’s hot” news. Knowing them made you feel connected and alive, right? Now, unless you have kids or grandkids who will keep you up-to-date and in the know, you’re falling behind.

Reverse mentoring connects Millennials with aging Boomers and GenXers, both in and out of the workplace.  Alan Webber, co-founder of Fast Company, explains,  “…by the time you’re in your forties and fifties, you’re not in touch with the future the same way the young twenty-something’s. They come with fresh eyes, open minds, and instant links to the technology of our future”.

That doesn’t mean you have to adopt or adapt, but knowing makes a difference. And, in the process, your Millennial mentor has the opportunity to learn something from your experience. It’s a win-win.

  1. Test and toss. Go through you house, your closet and your jewelry box. How many things have you had for years and don’t even realize they are worn out or outdated (like my hiking boots)?

That broken bracelet you loved twenty years ago? Get it fixed or sell it. That dress that went out of style years ago? Take that to a dressmaker for updating. The broken end table goes to a carpenter. Or have a flea market and sell-sell-sell.

  1. Practice gratitude and focus on the positive. There’s nothing that says “old” like being miserable. Misery taints your spirit and shows up on your face. If you can’t find anything to be grateful for, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Fifth generation coffee farmer and coffee evangelist, Aida Batlle, suggests this: “Realize what traditions you will need to carry forward but also question what is out there that will help make a difference and achieve new things.”
And take in the sweetness of that new breath of fresh air that’s making your life sparkle again.

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  • All of a sudden you don’t recognize that person in the mirror.
  • You feel like you’re living someone else’s life but you don’t know who the “new me” is yet.
  • Worse yet, when you watch TV or look at a magazine, the ads make you feel all you can look forward to is incontinence, hormone replacement, and brittle bones
  • You wonder if passion is only for the young. (It isn’t – but you miss having it!)

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The Stepping Stones part was very informative. Also, your life story gave me encouragement.
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RadioWrap-Up: Halloween Ghosts!

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Are there ghosts haunting your neighborhood this Halloween?

Author Charles Adams came to scare us with ghostly stories for our Halloween Happy Hour…and if you didn’t spit up your wine while listening to his stories…well…HeadlessDancer.lightergood for you! He’ll be in the area telling more ghostly stories. You can find out where and get more info here; Charlie’s facebook page
Here’s the ghostly picture Joseph took during the Civil War Winter Ball in Gettysburg. What do you think he was going there?
Happy Hauntings!!

RadioWrap-Up: What's Blocking Your Success?

AnnmarieKelly.WCBM_..web_-150x120Breaking through in MidLife

Breakthrough expert Kathy Caprino joined me for Happy Hour and we had some fun talking about six blocks that could be stopping us midlife women from having the life we’ll love living. Here’s a quick summary.

  1. if you aren’t getting where we want to go, there is some kind of conflict between that and what we believe is “good, right and true.”
  2. Shaken confidence and faltering self-esteem that prevents us from seeing our value both in getting paid and getting respect.
  3. Self-doubt – doubting that we have the smarts, talent or experience to get what we want
  4. Being culturally raised that it’s not good or right to stand out or to shine.
  5. Believing that we can’t follow our passion. We teach our kids to do just that, but we don’t. We talked about this earlier, but do you have one more tip for women who think they can’t or shouldn’t?
  6. Thinking you must chuck everything and leave your old career totally behind to be happy.”

Find out more about Kathy’s book, Breakdown Breakthrough, her online course and her weekly podcast on her website: Kathy Caprino
Kathy suggested a TED Talk, here’s the link: Amy Cuddy
I announced my fall class line-up. I’m offering two courses between now and Thanksgiving: Savvy Sizzle: Seven Steps to Your Marvelous Midlife Makeover and Listen to Me: Powerful Communication Tips for Women. You can learn more about both courses at Victory U.
My quote for today is one that I found online with no known author, but I love the sentiment.

“You can break down a woman temporarily,
but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself
and come back stronger than ever.”

That’s the stuff of our conversations every Friday, 3-4pm, at the Friday Happy Hour. Thanks for coming to Happy Hour today and please come back next Friday, 3pmEST,

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Are you tired of ads that make your life seem like it’s about incontinence, hormones, and brittle bones? BUT, you don’t know where to go or what to do?
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