Asking For What You Need

You can’t ask for help, or tell your guests what to bring, unless you know what you are having and what kind of help you need. When I’m the guest, I’m always happy to bring something. In fact, through my Italian upbringing, I feel bad if I don’t bring something. But when I’m the host, it’s more of an effort to ask guests to bring an appetizer or dessert or something else. Yet, when I do, I notice the feeling of stress relief, both after I ask and when I’m cooking.

I find the same thing with work. If you’re like me, you’re willing to pitch in when a friend or co-worker asks for help. But you aren’t as likely to do the asking. Yet when I ask for mentoring, or administrative help, or some other task that I can delegate, I notice that (1) a piece of stress goes away, (2) my mind is freer to do what I’m good at doing and (3) I heart feels a “lightness” that’s a cross between joy and hope.

And I get more done. And I do it faster.
When you don’t ask for the help you need, you are cheating your SELF.
What do you need? A mentor? A role model? A support system? Tech Support?
Figure it out, find the person, and ASK.

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