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QUESTION: Annmarie, I took your class on DiSC (How to Talk So People Will Listen). I really got a lot out of it but I’m wondering about something. You say the D & I styles are more proactive and the C & S styles are more reactive. So are you saying that, in my own business, my S style isn’t as likely to be successful in business? Thanks, Janet.
ANSWER: Interesting question, Janet. The best answer I can give you is a “yes and no” one.
YES – because “D” & “I” styles will find self-promotion easier and they tend to feel they have more control over the events of their lives. That makes them feel they have the power to make things happen. That may not necessarily be true, but it’s their perception – and the perception becomes reality.
At the same time, the one caution for “D” styles is being too pushy and “I” styles can be so engaging but also so chatty that they can talk themselves into and then right out of a sale.
For “C” & “S” styles, it’s a bit different because they often don’t like the marketing part of business. If they could get clients by putting up a website and putting an ad in the paper or promoting on social media, they’d probably be fine. But networking and other marketing techniques tend to be tedious for them. So I tell them to find a marketing technique that they’re comfortable with and then knock the dickens out of it. OR, find someone (e.g., partner or hired salesperson) who will do the marketing.
The key to my “YES” is in how willing you are to make yourself visible enough for customers to know you and like you so they’ll do business with you.
And here’s my…
NO – because so much depends on the type of business and referrals. Some businesses lend themselves to certain behavioral styles. For example, detail work (engineers, accountants) require the kind of behaviors that come natural to “C” style. On the other hand, careers that require good listening and empathy skills are great for “S” styles.
All that said, remember that DiSC measures behavior, not personality. Behaviors are situational, and we each have all the styles and use them in different situations. So, as I said in class, you aren’t locked into any one style. When you know your style and know what style will be more productive in another environment, the trick is to figure out where you use the more productive style and adapt it to a different situation.
It’s like this: if you are a D style, but S behavior will suit your business needs better, find the environment where you normally use S behavior (maybe when going out with friends) and model it in the business environment.
Whatever your style, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone you can learn to market, produce, deliver and account for your product or their service in a manner that works for you and prospers the business.
About DISC: this is an online assessment for behavior in specific situation. D – I – S – C stands for Dominant, Interacting, Steady and Conscientious.
If you are interested in learning more about DiSC, you can order the online assessment. It’s a great tool for your personal use and also for relationships when two people (a couple, a work relationship, parent/child) both complete the assessment. It takes about fifteen minutes to complete and provides you with pages of information – and it’s a wealth of knowledge.
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