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Summertime and the living is easy…that’s how most of us feel, isn’t it? You probably kick back a little, downshift into vacation mode and give yourself some much needed rest and relaxation. This is also the time when you can give yourself a much needed energy boost.

ENERGY means different things to different people. When my muscle therapist spouse, Joseph, talks about energy, he means it in relation to the flow of kinetic energy through the body. Many of us can feel a specific energy when we walk into a room. Maybe you’ve said something like, “I could feel that there was something wrong the minute I walked through the door” Or you might refer to “party energy” when talking about the holidays.

At Victorious Woman, we talk about PERSONAL ENERGY. It’s a combination of physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual energy. Good personal energy is what you need to get yourself together, focused and moving in the direction of your BEST life. It’s also what helps you overcome obstacles, stand up for yourself, and be persistent until you reach your goals.

You’re at your maximum of PERSONAL ENERGY when you are physically well, mentally stimulated, emotionally connected to others in a way that makes you feel good, psychically in tune with your inner self and spiritually involved either in a religion or to some purpose greater than yourself. Sometimes we refer to it as “being in the zone.”

Are you in your zone – that is, enjoying maximum PERSONAL ENERGY? Is it there for you when you need it? If not, you aren’t alone. Too many women are running on empty. They let themselves run out of gas…and then don’t understand why they have to push themselves to do even the smallest things. Are you one of them?
Start this month by thinking about what you do to fill your tank…and if you don’t do anything, get ready…I’ll be suggesting ways that you can rev up your PERSONAL ENERGY.

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